Welcome to Living Energy Pilates, Exercise Physiology & Rehabilitation

We believe that through Pilates and Exercise Physiology people are in the best position to live their lives with the energy and freedom that makes life fulfilling.

All of our instructors are committed to providing the highest standard of Pilates Method teaching available from our well equipped, light filled Studio in Greensborough.

We offer Studio Pilates Sessions, Exercise Physiology Sessions, Pilates Reformer Classes, HIIT Strength Circuit Classes and Young Athlete Strength and Conditioning classes. Our sessions cater to a variety of needs from complete beginners through to advanced performers, rehabilitation, prenatal and postnatal sessions.

The Benefits of Pilates and Exercise Physiology

  • Rehabilitation From Injury

  • Toning and Strengthening

  • Improving Movement and Flexibility

  • Decreasing Stress and Tension

  • Increasing Core Strength and Stability

  • Improving Fitness and Weight Loss

  • Improving Breathing, Focus and General Well-Being

Pilates is also a great way to prepare for pregnancy, maintain pelvic floor and core strength during pregnancy and recover quickly after child birth.

I Love Living Energy

  • I really enjoy Pilates and it's the first exercise program I've stuck at for so long. I've had so many compliments during my pregnancy and put it down to Pilates. I look forward to continuing next year.

    Jane Malone

  • The difference that regular pilates makes is sensational. I feel stronger, fitter and more flexible, and a long term back injury is so much improved, it's great. I also really enjoy and look forward to the classes!

    Dianne Thomas

  • I really like the variety of exercises in the Studio Pilates classes which are tailored to each individual and the small group size which gives you almost one-on-one instruction. No two sessions are ever the same !

    Dianne Esdale

  • Staff are friendly, highly organised and each class addresses my individual needs with the instructors providing excellent instructions and support to get the most out of each class.

    Amber Witten

  • Many thanks to all at living energy. Ive had a stiff and sore shoulder thats been giving me problems but thanks to the guided and knowledgeable help from the instructors ive really noticed an improvement. It's a very nice feeling to wake up in the morning and not feel pain! Thanks particularly to Shondah!

    Steph Tucceri

  • First exercise program I've stuck with
  • Stronger, fitter, more flexible, sensational
  • No two sessions are ever the same
  • Studio Pilates, Excellent Instructions and Support
  • Steph Tucceri

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