Dec 06,2020

New Releases Dec2020- Latest On Demand Pilates and Fitness Videos

Nov 22,2020

New Releases – Latest On Demand Pilates and Fitness Videos

Nov 09,2020

Booking Sessions

In order to make Booking into a Session as simple as possible, we have created a number of videos which take you through the process of navigating through the online booking system to get yourself booked into your favourite sessions.

Sep 22,2020

Telehealth in the real world

Sep 17,2020

5 Tips to ensure a great Telehealth Experience

Mar 26,2020

Free Pilates Videos

Mar 15,2020

Precautions against COVID-19

As many of you are aware there are now confirmed cases of community spread of the COVID-19 virus within Victoria, so we’d like to update you all on a few clinic and studio procedures that have been implemented in relation to the virus. These procedures are now in place to help continue to protect our community’s health.

Jan 16,2020

Bushfire Relief Fundraiser

We would like to help out with Bushfire relief in our own small way. All funds will be donated.

Oct 11,2019

Delicious Berry Breakfast Smoothie

A healthy smoothie is a great way to start the day! Just ask our Exercise Physiologist Rafael, who makes himself this protein & nutrient rich smoothie for breakfast everyday!

Oct 02,2019

Exercises to Overcome Tennis Elbow – Part 2

How to manage Tennis Elbow pain using exercise and ultimately how to overcome it

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