Unfortunately one in three Australian men and one in four women will be directly affected by cancer before the age of 75, with melanoma, prostate, colorectal, breast and lung cancers comprising the most common types.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer then you will know that treatment usually involves a combination of: surgery, radiation, systemic chemo- or hormone therapy and numerous visits to the GP / Specialists.

While getting the right treatment as soon as possible is essential, the treatment will result in a number of side effects which tend to peak during treatment, however symptoms may persist for many months or even years following treatment.In addition cancer and its associated treatment may increase risk of other common chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Oncology Exercise Physiology

At Living Energy Pilates and Rehabilitation you will be assessed by an Exercise Physiologist who is an expert in chronic disease management and experienced with cancer treatment. Based on your assessment and taking into account your stage of treatment we will determine an exercise routine that will assist with your treatment and recovery and takes into account your personal cicrumstances.

Your exercise sessions will be adjusted according to changes in treatment, presence of side-effects, your functional and physical status, and presence of contraindications and clinical concerns. You will have your ‘good days’ and ‘not so good days’ and we are happy to adjust for that.

Session Types

* Rebates may be available for GPMP, TCA, T2DM, and DVA clients. For privately funded clients the fees are listed below.

New Exercise Physiology Patients, or if you haven’t visited for 6 months or more…

Initial Assessment (45min) plus 1 pair Gripperz Socks $110 * Purchase Initial Assessment (45min)

For Existing Customers…

30 min Private Consultation  $80 Purchase 30 min Private Consultation
45 min Consultation $95 Purchase 45 min Consultation
60 min Consultation $110 Purchase 60 min Consultation

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