Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology sessions are conducted by our resident Exercise Physiologists (EP) and Clinical Pilates Intructors. With a focus on rehabilitation and injury prevention, your therapist will prescribe specific Pilates and Resistance Training exercises based on your detailed Clinical Assessment. These tailored exercises target problem areas ensuring greater results and minimising the risk of injury exacerbation.

Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology Sessions are excellent for improving core strength, muscle tone, fitness, posture, balance, general strength and flexibility. All sessions are by appointment only. It is recommended that you wear loose comfortable exercise clothing that enables you to move freely, and bring a water bottle to sip during the session. Footwear is not worn in the Clinic unless medically required, however in the interests of hygiene, clean socks are required.

During your Clinical Pilates and Exercise Physiology sessions you will use a combination of specialised Pilates equipment including reformers and trapeze table complimented by floor and gym based exercises depending on your needs. This allows us to target the program to meet your needs and achieve better results.

Session Types

Initial Assessment

All of our clients, regardless of injury or fitness level, begin their experience with an Initial Assessment so that the ideal tailored program can be developed to meet their needs. During the Assessment session we conduct the following : Postural screening, Balance Testing, Flexibility Testing, Core Endurance and Muscle Strength Testing. Based on the results of the tests, your medical/injury history and in consultation with you we develop the program goals from which we can then develop in individualised program to achieve your goals. Duration approx. 45 min. Book an Initial Assessment

Private Session

30 or 60 min duration. Private Pilates and Exercise Physiology sessions enable the highest level of supervision and guidance from your instructor. The first session after an Initial Assessment will generally be a Private Session in order to learn how to engage the core musculature, learn important Pilates and movement concepts, learn how to use the equipment safely, and introduce you to your individualised program. After the Initial Private Sessions you can opt to continue Private sessions or discuss with your instructor moving into duet / group sessions Book a Private Appointment

Duet Session

55 min duration. When you are ready to progress from Private sessions we offer Duet (semi-private) sessions. The instructor will be closely guiding and monitoring your individual progress, while supervising 2 clients within the session. You do not need to book in with a friend, we will book in another client with you. Book a Duet Appointment

Small Group Session

55 min duration. These sessions can have up to four clients attending. Once you have some experience and familiarity with your exercise program you can join one of our Small Group sessions. We will still guide and progress your program individually. Book a Small Group Appointment



Assessment Fees

Initial Assessment Session – approx 45min $95: Purchase an Initial Assessment $95


Casual Session Fees

Private Sessions

Single – 60 Minutes Private Session $95: Purchase Single 60 min Private Session
Single – 30 Minutes Private Session $70: Purchase Single 30 min Private Session
5 x 60 Minutes Private Sessions $450: Purchase 5 x 60 min Private Sessions

Duet Sessions

Single – 60 Minute Duet Session $66 : Purchase Single 60 min Duet Session
5 x 60 Minute Duet Sessions $315 : Purchase 5 x 60 min Duet Sessions

Small Group Sessions

Single – 60 Minutes Small Group Session : $48  Purchase Single 60 min Small Group Session
5 x  60 Minutes Small Group Sessions : $225 Purchase 5 x 60 min Small Group Sessions

Flexi Membership Session Fees

Flexi Membership Small Group Session Fees

5 x 1hr Small Group Sessions, $215 Purchase Flexi Membership 5 x Small Group Sessions
10 x 1hr Small Group Sessions, $410 Purchase Flexi Membership 10 x Small Group Sessions
20 x 1hr Small Group Sessions, $780 Purchase Flexi Membership 20 x Small Group Sessions

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