How does Hydrotherapy benefit rehabilitation?

Hydrotherapy (sometimes called aquatic therapy) uses the principles of water to allow exercise and to alter exercise intensity. Increased buoyancy (opposite to gravity) allows for more exercise than is permitted on land. Increased temperature and hydrostatic pressure promote increases in circulation and flexibility and decreases in swelling. Increasing speed, turbulence and surface area can all be used to increase exercise difficulty.

The unique benefits that derive from performing rehabilitation exercises in a pool environment suit many conditions and injuries. The buoyancy and resistance characteristics that moving in water provides are extremely therapeutic. The hydrostatic qualities of water serve as a compression bandage which further adds to the benefits associated with this environment. In some conditions that are sensitive to land based and/or weight-bearing exercise programs, hydrotherapy is the venue of choice for exercise-based rehabilitation. Hydrotherapy is particularly beneficial for early stage rehabilitation, long term chronic pain or patients who are very de-conditioned.

Deep water running and pool-based fitness programs are available and can be a valuable cross-training strategy for ambitious and elite athletes who are keen to maintain the highest levels of fitness throughout their recovery.

Every patient we see is individually assessed, and performs exercises prescribed specifically for their needs. We maintain contact with your doctors or other therapists, and are continually updating and progressing your program. Our Exercise Physiologist is in the pool with you, providing close supervision and hands-on techniques and assistance as necessary.

Living Energy Pilates & Rehabilitation offers private Hydrotherapy sessions with a qualified Aquatic Exercise Physiologist out of Watermarc in Greensborough. The pool is set at a constant temperature of 34°C. Access is provided via wide shallow steps or a hoist for those unable to walk. Patients do not necessarily need to be able to swim to be able to benefit from hydrotherapy.

Benefits of a Hydrotherapy program are:

  • exercising in a weight assisted environment, thereby allowing for early mobilisation following injury
  • buoyancy assists with strengthening, coordination and balance problems and improves movement control
  • warmth of the water promotes muscle relaxation, increasing joint range and mobility and relieving pain
  • increasing cardiovascular fitness
  • increased muscular strength and flexibility
  • improvement in swelling, due to hydrostatic pressure
  • functional retraining for work

Precautions/Contraindications in Hydrotherapy

  • Cardiac patients, especially left heart failure
  • Increased difficulty of breathing
  • Respiratory muscle weakness
  • Airways resistance problems
  • Renal (kidney) failure
  • Severe postural hypotension (decreased BP with position change)
  • Controlled hypertension (high BP)

Please speak to your Exercise Physiologist or GP is these apply to you

Hydrotherapy Session Types

Hydrotherapy Initial Consult

1 x Initial Assessment (45min) $99

If you are a client of TAC, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, your treatment is fully covered once your insurer has given their approval. If you are on a Care Plan, or have a chronic condition, you may be entitled to five sessions per year bulk-billed through Medicare (speak to your GP). If you have private health insurance with ‘extras’ (ancillaries) for Exercise Physiology, you should be covered for some of the cost. The amount of the rebate varies between health funds, so you will need to check with them.

Special Note about Workcover – If you have Exercise Physiology sessions approved we may be able to utilise Hydrotherapy sessions for your rehabilitation.

30 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Consult

1 x 30 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Consult $75

45 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Consult

1 x 45 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Consult $88

60 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Consult

1 x 60 min Hydrotherapy Follow Up Session $99

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