It is important that we educate our children from an early age. If they can learn to move with ease and develop good postural habits then there is a good chance that these habits will continue into adulthood. If that is the case then maybe they will suffer less mechanical dysfunction of the musculo-skeletal system, less pain and fewer problems as they grow older. In these sessions your child will learn about good postural habits and are encouraged to think about their own postures in different activities.

What you need to know

  • Kids Exercise Consultation are available as private sessions.
  • All Sessions run for 30 min.
  • All sessions require advance bookings.
  • The program is designed for Primary School aged children (6-12 years of age)
  • We recommend children wear loose, comfortable exercise clothing that enables them to move freely and bring a water bottle to sip during the session.
  • Footwear is not worn in the Studio, however in the interests of hygiene, clean socks are required. Gripperz socks can be purchased from Studio reception if required (available in size Extra Small for kids).

Session Types

Private Session

Kids Exercise Consultation 30 min Session $66

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