HIIT Strength Classes

If you are time poor and serious about getting fit and staying fit, our new HIIT Circuit Class should hit the mark!
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This is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout designed by our exercise physiologist, Rafael.

The HIIT class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind to kick off the day.

What you need to know

The programs are designed and supervised by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who is an expert in developing resistance training programs for all ages and abilities, and has a specific interest in HIIT Training.

  • improves cardiovascular fitness
  • improvement in muscular strength
  • build lean muscle and shed fat
  • improves both the aerobic and anaerobic energy systems
  • helps you burn more calories while at rest
  • increases your metabolism
  • varied workout keeps you workouts challenging

Session Types

HIIT Strength Circuit Class

approx 45 min duration – cost $15 for a once only trial session (*New Clients only), $30 for a single session, $135 for five sessions, $250 for ten sessions.

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