As we navigate this new world of self-isolation and social distancing we now find ourselves living in, we sincerely hope you, your friends and family are all keeping well.

It’s certainly a challenging time for everyone in many different ways and developing a daily routine, continuing with a healthy diet and regular exercise are some of the best ways to keep healthy and positive. To this end we are offering a variety of LIVE online classes over the period of our closure, which you can view and sign up for via our booking site.


What you need to know

  • All sessions run for 30 minutes (unless indicated otherwise) and advance bookings are required.
  • After you have booked in, and at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class we will email you the Zoom invite for the class
  • If you have not used Zoom Video Conferencing before, when you click on the URL in the invitation email, you will be prompted to download the Zoom App onto your device. Once it is installed you will be able to join the class at the scheduled time.
  • It is recommended to have an exercise mat, towel and water bottle handy. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that enables you to move freely during the session.

Session Types

Beginner Mat Class

Classes will focus on the basic movements of the Pilates Method that are suitable for Beginners.  Exercises are aimed at improving core strength, flexibility, muscle tone and promoting mind-body awareness. Little or no previous experience is required.

Intermediate Mat Class

A challenging Intermediate level Pilates Mat work out that focuses on strengthening the core, improving flexibility and stamina. This class will tone your body and strengthen all major muscle groups. Suitable for experience beginners through to intermediate level.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Mat Class

Suitable for all stages of Pregnancy and for Post Natal. This class focuses specifically on strengthening your core to support yourself and the baby throughout pregnancy and post natal. Strengthening core, pelvis and improve muscle tone in a challenging but gentle Pilates program. Please ensure you have a Resistance Band available and some comfortable pillows for lying on your back. A chair / fit ball is also recommended for sitting.

Please note that : “All About Hips” and “All About Shoulders” are also suitable for Pregnancy and Post Natal clients.

Active Aging

Active Aging group class – strengthening class suitable for people over 65. Requires a resistance band and a stable chair for seated exercises and support when standing.

All About Hips

An Online Pilates Mat class aimed at improving the strength and stability around the hips, pelvic girdle and spine. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, pregnancy and post natal clients.  A resistance band and tennis/massage ball is required.

All About Shoulders

All About Shoulders is focused on improving the strength of the shoulder girdle, back extensors and spine. This class is suitable for beginners, intermediate, pregnancy and post natal clients. A resistance band and massage / tennis ball is required.

Functional and Core

An Online exercise class featuring a combination of functional exercises and Pilates to deliver a full body workout. Required : resistance band and a weight of your choosing, ideally between 3-10kg. If you don’t have any weights you can fill a back pack with some books.


20 minute guided meditation class which will help you relax and find your inner calm. Recommended: a chair or cushion.

Pilates Essentials

A Pilates Mat class that delivers a full body workout with a moderately challenging Pilates routine. Suitable for beginners and intermediate level clients. Helpful, but not necessary: a cushion you can sit on.

Pilates Fit Ball

A Pilates Class utilising the Fit ball. This class will work your whole body. Suitable for beginner and intermediate clients. You must have a Fit Ball to experience the full benefit of the class.

Pilates Foam Roller

An Online class that focuses on Pilates based foam roller exercises to tone and strengthen the whole body. Required you must have a Foam Roller to experience the full benefits of this class.

Pilates with the Pilates Circle

A Mat Pilates Class utilising the Pilates Circle. This class will incorporate a full body workout with the Pilates Circle. Required: You must have a Pilates Circle to experience the full benefit of this class.

Pilates Resistance Band

Pilates Mat class featuring the use of the resistance band to create greater strengthening and facilitate better movement. Suitable for beginners and intermediate levels. Required: a resistance band.

Seated Exercise Class

Designed specifically for office workers and older adults wanting to incorporate some mobilising exercises and stretches into their work day. The class is performed mostly in a seated position.

Stretch and Release

A gentle stretch class which will incorporate some myofascial release exercises using a massage / tennis ball. The class will complete with a short mediation to help you feel centred and relaxed.  Required: a massage / tennis ball, a cushion to sit on and a Yoga strap (or regular belt).

ONLINE Group Class Fees

  •           Casual Single Group class: $8.50  *
  •           Casual block Five Group classes : $40 *

* Casual Sessions are valid 3 months from date of purchase. For individual use only, non-shareable. Blocks are non refundable without a medical certificate, and non-transferable. Valid for ONLINE Group Classes only



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