Fitness classes delivered to you anytime, anywhere. Access recorded 30 minute ONLINE Group Classes and exercise at any time that suits you.

It’s simple, go to and choose to rent the individual class of your choice ($8.50) or subscribe for a monthly fee of $40 to hundreds of virtual classes, with new classes added each week.

Choose from a range of 30 minute classes including :

  • Active Aging – strengthening class suitable for mature adults.
  • All About Hips – a Pilates Mat class aimed at improving the strength and stability around the hips, pelvic girdle and spine.
  • All About Shoulders – focused on improving the strength of the shoulder girdle, back extensors and spine.
  • Conditioning for Mature Dancers and Athletes – technique-based adult dance and athlete specific conditioning class. Includes  strengthening exercises, elements of barre, floor barre and Graham style floor work as well as stretches and massage.
  • Dynamic Yoga Stretch – Improve your muscle tone, flexibility and endurance with this dynamic sequence of yoga style stretches. Suitable for all ages and levels.
  • Meditation – a guided, seated meditation class.
  • Pilates Reformer Functional Strength Class – Pilates inspired functional training helps you build strength, endurance and movement efficiency that translates beyond the studio. A full body strength and conditioning program that incorporates functional movements such as lunges, squats, core exercises, muscular slings, and upper body push and pull movements.
  • Pilates Reformer Tone and Sculpt Class – a well rounded Reformer Pilates workout focused on strengthening the core and all major muscle groups. Designed to define, shape and tone your body. Suitable for all levels including beginners.
  • Pilates Beginners / Essentials class – a Pilates Mat class that delivers a full body workout with a moderately challenging Pilates routine. Suitable for beginners and intermediate level clients. Helpful, but not necessary: a cushion you can sit on.
  • Pilates Intermediate class –  a challenging intermediate level Pilates workout on the mat designed to strengthen the core, improve flexibility, posture and strength.
  • Pilates Foam Roller – Pilates based foam roller exercises to tone and strengthen the whole body. Also incorporate myofascial massage and stretching with the Foam Roller.
  • Pilates Fit Ball Class – a challenging Pilates class providing a total body workout on the fit ball.
  • Pilates Resistance Band Class – Pilates Mat class featuring the use of the resistance band to create greater strengthening and facilitate better movement.
  • Pilates (Magic) Circle Class – incorporate a full body workout with the Pilates Circle.
  • Pregnancy & Post Natal Pilates Mat Class – suitable for all stages of Pregnancy and for Post Natal. This class focuses specifically on strengthening your core to support yourself and the baby throughout pregnancy and post natal. Strengthening core, pelvis and improve muscle tone in a challenging but gentle Pilates program.
  • Seated Exercise – designed specifically for office workers and older adults wanting to incorporate some mobilising exercises and stretches into their work day. The class is performed mostly in a seated position.
  • Stretch and Release – A gentle stretch class which will incorporate some myofascial release exercises using a massage / tennis ball. The class will complete with a short mediation to help you feel centred and relaxed.  Required: a massage / tennis ball, a cushion to sit on and a Yoga strap (or regular belt).
  • Total-Body Resistance Band HIIT Workout – Improve your tone and strength, fitness and core strength with this total-body resistance band High Intensity interval Training workout.

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