Our equipment provides finely tuned resistance with a series of springs and ropes. Reformer Group Classes build strength without”bulking up”, increases flexibility, fitness and agility, and develops optimal core control, creating flat abdominals, slender thighs and a strong back. The Pilates Group Reformer class pace is moderate yet challenging, and will heighten body awareness and provide an invigorating total body workout.

What you need to know

  • All sessions run for 50 minutes (unless indicated otherwise) and advance bookings are required.
  • We recommend you wear loose, comfortable exercise clothing that enables you to move freely and bring a water bottle to sip during the session.
  • Footwear is not worn in the Studio, however in the interests of hygiene, clean socks are required. Gripperz socks can be purchased from Studio reception if required.

Session Types

Tone and Sculpt Reformer Class

A well rounded Reformer Pilates workout focused on strengthening the core and all major muscle groups. Designed to define, shape and tone your body. Suitable for all levels including beginners.

Functional Strength Reformer Pilates

Pilates inspired functional training helps you build strength, endurance and movement efficiency that translates beyond the studio. It’s “real world” fitness. A full body strength and conditioning program that incorporates functional movements such as lunges, squats, core exercises, muscular slings, and upper body push and pull movements.

Rejuvenation Reformer Pilates

This class will Rejuvenate your body and mind, the perfect way to relax and de-stress. We start the session with a light workout on the Reformers to get the blood flowing and muscles warm. The class then progresses into stretches and massage to release tension and ease trigger points, class will then finish with a brief meditation to unify the mind and body. You will float out of the class feeling like a new person. Suitable for beginners.

Post-Natal Reformer Class

This class is designed to help you:

  • Restore muscle strength & firm up your body
  • Promote weight loss
  • Condition your abdominal muscles
  • Improve your fitness & restore muscle strength
  • Raise your energy levels, relieve stress & improve your sense of well being

Suitable for you to join from 6 weeks post partum onwards, once you’ve received the all-clear from your doctor.

Pregilates – Pregnancy Reformer Class

Suitable for all stages of Pregnancy. This class focuses specifically on strengthening your core to support yourself and the baby throughout pregnancy. Tone and strengthen your body with a challenging but gentle Pilates program on the Reformer.



First Class Introductory Offer – Casual 1 class : $15 * First Time Participants Only, valid for Reformer or HIIT Classes. Non-refundable and non-transferable.


Unlimited 14 Day Introductory Offer : $60 * Valid for 14 days. First Time Participants Only, valid for Reformer or HIIT Classes. Non-refundable and non-transferable.


Group Class Casual Block Fees

  •           Casual 1 Group class: $30  *
  •           Casual block x 5 Group classes : $135 *
  •           Casual block x 10 Group classes : $220 *
  •           Casual block x 20 Group classes : $420 *
  •          Casual block x 50 Group classes : $950 *

* Casual Sessions are valid 12 months from date of purchase. For individual use only, non-shareable. Blocks are non refundable without a medical certificate, and non-transferable. Valid for Reformer or HIIT Classes


Group Class Membership Fees (Direct Debit Only)

  • 6 x Group Class Monthly (30 Day)  Membership – only $18 per class – $108 p/mth *
  • 8 x Group Class Monthly (30 Day)  Membership – only $17 per class – $136 p/mth *
  • 12 x Group Class Monthly (30 Day)  Membership – only $13.83 per class – $166 p/mth *
  • Unlimited (14 Day)  Membership – only $50 per week – $100 p/fortnight  * limited to one class per day  

* Monthly Membership Sessions are valid 30 days from date of purchase. Monthly Membership Renews every 30 days.

**Minimum 3 months term for all Memberships. Prepaid fees are non refundable, non-transferable. Valid for Reformer or HIIT Classes. Please refer to membership form for full conditions.


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