Pilates Instructor


Leith fell in love with the Pilates Method in 2007 and hasn’t looked back. Having come from a legal administration background, she initially came to Pilates as a way to combat shoulder tension and back pain, and to give my body the movement it craved after sitting at a desk all day.

Leith loves meeting new people through teaching and seeing the improvements in each individual body. She is passionate about the Pilates Method as a means of keeping fit, building strength and improving functional movement.

As a mum of three, both pre and post natal Pilates also hold a special significance for Leith. After the birth of her twins in 2016 she realised she had a large diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and began to get serious about post natal rehab. Leith loves being able to help other mums reconnect with their physical fitness and their “me” time .

2012 – Certificate IV in Pilates Mat Instruction at National Pilates Training

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