Pilates Instructor


Maja was introduced to the Pilates method through Dance. Coming to Dance late in life, Maja found that Pilates proved an invaluable framework for understanding anatomy as well as for conditioning the body and mind. Maja used the Pilates method to stay strong and manage her pelvic instability during pregnancy. Pilates helped Maja build the endurance and strength necessary for delivering her 98th percentile large son naturally. Struggling with birth related injuries to her pelvic floor, Pilates continues to be the resource that she draw upon in daily life and coming back into dance training.

Maja is committed to teaching the Pilates method to any client that wishes to work towards a greater sense of well-being, body-mind connection, strength and mobility. Maja particularly loves working with ante/post natal clients, as the Pilates method can provide the most well-targeted and effective support all the way through this incredibly, transformative and demanding period of a woman’s life.

Fun fact – Maja also has a PHD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

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