Pilates Instructor


Maja is a former athlete and an experienced movement practitioner and teacher. She brings an approach of curiosity, sincerity and kindness to her teaching and believes in movement as a pathway to explore and befriend both what feels good and that which hurts.

Maja has a keen interest in pre- and re-habilitation, women’s health and the wellbeing of retired athletes. She fuses ideas from mindfulness, somatic movement and myofascial release work into her Pilates repertoire to help clients develop greater awareness of their movement patterns and increase their capacity to make healthy movement choices.

Her sessions usually comprise a curated blend of modern and functional Pilates with new twists on known repertoire. Maja lives with sporting and birth related joint dysfunction, arthritis and chronic pain, and draws on this both in her work and personally as an invaluable source of compassion and insight.

In her spare time Maja hangs out with her husband, Bevan, their 4 year old son, Eddie, and family and friends, often swimming, surfing or free diving. Maja has an active arts practice blending dance, mindfulness based practices and nature/architecture.

Fun fact – Maja also has a PHD in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

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