Pilates Instructor


Philippa is passionate about helping people rehabilitate from injury and improve their strength, flexibility, posture and well-being. She believes exercise is essential not only for a balanced body but also a healthy mind.

Philippa initially started training in the Pilates Method n 2003 to restore her core and back muscles after giving birth to her son and then twins all within a year and a half.

Having suffered many years ago from a prolapsed disc, disk degeneration and chronic neck pain Philippa finds the Pilates method instrumental in maintaining a balanced pain free body and mind.

Philippa completed her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction and Certificate in Pilates Matwork Instruction with National Pilates Training, is also a qualified Personal Trainer. When not teaching Pilates, Philippa runs a small business making and selling beautiful handmade pottery from her studio in Warrandyte.


Philippa Bell
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