Pregilates Studio Sessions

MumAndBabyA personalised Studio Pilates program is the ideal method of Pilates during pregnancy and post child birth. Your own Studio Pilates program will speed up your recovery after the birth of your baby.

During this early stage it is important to regain deep abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help support your lower back, following the demands of pregnancy & birth, along with managing a newborn (feeding, lifting, bending). Strengthening Pelvic Floor will also help avoid any incontinence issues which affect so many women after child birth. Postnatal Pilates sessions will help you get the core muscles strong again and enable you to return to full activities. The sessions will also improve posture, flexibility, tone and fitness. Exercises will be modified for women with caesarean sections, DRAM (abdominal separation) or recovering from pelvic joint pain from pregnancy.

All Studio Pilates programs commence with a private Initial Assessment to discuss and evaluate your health history, special needs and goals. We then progress from the Initial Asessment to a follow on private Introductory Pilates session to teach Pilates basics, introduce your personalised program and the studio equipment. You will then be ready for the Studio Pilates sessions where you will continue to develop expand upon your initial program as you improve.

We maintain small group sizes so that you get the best possible personalised guidance and feedback from your instructor. Private Studio sessions are conducted with one participant per instructor. Studio Group sessions have a maximum of 4 participants per instructor.

Studio Pilates sessions are available mornings Monday to Saturday, and evenings Monday to Thursday.