Pilates While Pregnant


Pilates for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy your body undergoes tremendous hormonal and physical changes which challenge you both physically and mentally. It is essential to be in the best possible condition to make pregnancy a time of enjoyment and nurturing, avoid a range of common pre-natal ailments, assist with weight management, improve birthing and post-natal recovery. Pregnancy is a time to become more attuned to your body and your baby. Pilates during Pregnancy will help achieve these goals and ensure that you get your pre-baby body back.


Our Pregilates sessions are specifically designed to strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominals, which play such a critical role during pregnancy and post-partum. Pregilates also strengthens and tones the legs, arms, back and hips. Pregilates sessions are adapted to suit your capabilities and needs at each stage of pregnancy. Pregilates will also assist with managing weight gain during pregnancy.

The Pregilates program is available in two formats:

  1. Reformer Pregilates Group classes – group classes conducted predominantly on the reformer with up to 8 participants, for more information visit the Pregilates Reformer Group Classes section below.
  2. Clinical / Studio Pregilates Program – private, semi-private or small group format (max 4 participants, for more information visit the
    visit the Pregilates Clinical / Studio Sessions section below.

pregnancyreformerPregilates is a Pregnancy specific Pilates Reformer group class which strengthens Pelvic Floor and abdominals in preparation for the birth of your child. Pilates builds your core strength. If your abdominals, back, and pelvic floor/Kegel muscles are toned, they will support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery, and a faster recovery after child birth. Pregilates classes will also strengthen & stretch specific muscle groups which are weakened and tight from the postural changes & stresses that occur during pregnancy.

Pregilates Pilates classes are recommended from early in your pregnancy (from about 12 weeks) and can be continued right up until the birth of your baby, providing there are no complications during your pregnancy. This class focuses specifically on strengthening your core, improving breathing and tone in a challenging but gentle low impact Pilates program on the Reformer.

Attending Pregilates Pilates during your pregnancy will also help you recover faster after the baby is born!


  • All sessions run for 55 minutes and advance bookings are required.
  • We recommend you wear loose, comfortable exercise clothing that enables you to move freely and bring a water bottle to sip during the session.
  • Footwear is not worn in the Studio, however in the interests of hygiene, clean socks are required. Gripperz socks can be purchased from Studio reception if required.

Fees – Reformer Group Class

Please review our full Terms and Conditions.
Casual Reformer Class Blocks
Valid 12 months
Introductory Reformer Offer
First Class Half Price
Single Class $30
5 Class pack $135 ($27 per class)
10 Class pack $250 ($25 per class)
20 Class pack $460 ($23 per class)
50 Class pack $999 ($19.98 per class)

Bookings – Sign up for a Pregilates Reformer Class

MumAndBabyA personalised Studio Pilates program is the ideal method of Pilates during pregnancy and post child birth. Your own Studio Pilates program will speed up your recovery after the birth of your baby.

During this early stage it is important to regain deep abdominal and pelvic floor strength to help support your lower back, following the demands of pregnancy & birth, along with managing a newborn (feeding, lifting, bending). Strengthening Pelvic Floor will also help avoid any incontinence issues which affect so many women after child birth. Postnatal Pilates sessions will help you get the core muscles strong again and enable you to return to full activities. The sessions will also improve posture, flexibility, tone and fitness. Exercises will be modified for women with caesarean sections, DRAM (abdominal separation) or recovering from pelvic joint pain from pregnancy.

All Studio Pilates programs commence with a private Initial Assessment to discuss and evaluate your health history, special needs and goals. We then progress from the Initial Asessment to a follow on private Introductory Pilates session to teach Pilates basics, introduce your personalised program and the studio equipment. You will then be ready for the Studio Pilates sessions where you will continue to develop expand upon your initial program as you improve.

We maintain small group sizes so that you get the best possible personalised guidance and feedback from your instructor. Private Studio sessions are conducted with one participant per instructor. Studio Group sessions have a maximum of 4 participants per instructor.

Studio Pilates sessions are available mornings Monday to Saturday, and evenings Monday to Thursday.

Fees – Studio Pilates Sessions

Getting Started
You can get started with an Initial Assessment, see below.
1 x Initial Assessment (45 min) plus 1 pair Gripperz Socks $95

Casual Fees
rates are available if you wish to simply pre-pay the sessions as you go but don't want to join as a member on direct debit.
Private Sessions
one on one sessions, 60 minutes duration unless specified otherwise
1 x Re-Assessment (30 min) $66
Private Studio 1 Session $90
Private Studio 5 Session block $440 ($88 per class)
Private Studio 10 Session block $860 ($86 per class)
Duet Sessions
2 participants with 1 instructor. Prices are per person. Sessions are 60 minutes duration unless specified otherwise
Duet Studio Single Session $60
Duet Studio 5 Session block $290 ($58 per class)
Duet Studio 10 class block $560 ($56 per class)
Small Group Sessions
4 participants with 1 instructor. Prices are per person. Sessions are 60 minutes duration unless specified otherwise
Small Group Studio Single Session $45
Small Group Studio 5 Session block $215 ($43 per class)
Small Group Studio 10 Session block $410 ($41 per class)

Flexi Memberships
Give you the best rates. There is a minimum term of 2 renewals after the initial purchase. Sessions are valid 4 months from date of purchase. Your membership purchase will automatically renew when you run out of class credits. No Joining Fee. No Cancellation Fee. Non-refundable. Non-transferable.
Small Group Sessions
4 participants with 1 instructor. Prices are per person. Sessions are 60 minutes duration unless specified otherwise
Small Group Studio 5 Session block $195 ($39 per class)buy Flexi Membership 5 Block Small Group Sessions
Small Group Studio 10 Session block $375 ($37.50 per class)buy Flexi Membership 10 Block Small Group Sessions
Small Group Studio 20 class block $700 ($35 per class)buy Flexi Membership 20 Block Small Group Sessions